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Increase Operational Insight Agility for Global Insurers

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How Alation and Snowflake support global insurers

Information is power. In the insurance industry, great info empowers smart decision making. To stay ahead of the game, insurers need accurate data around revenue and risk in real time. Complex regulations and global catastrophes complicate the challenge. How can an insurance enterprise compete? 

With a modern data platform that puts people first. This case study from Alation and Snowflake deep-dives into their data governance strategy with a success story. Together, Alation and Snowflake have streamlined data usage at Texas Mutual Insurance Company (TXM). Today, TXM leverages data as an asset to make smarter choices more quickly. 

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  • What new industry pressures are pushing insurers to adapt 

  • How Alation and Snowflake provide consolidated, actionable, trusted information 

  • About the information architecture enabling data intelligence for insurance 

  • How TXM reduced delivery time of key business dashboards by 80% 

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