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Path to a Decentralized Data Mesh with Blockdaemon & The Data Governance Coach

The latest data concepts seem to arrive as quickly as the actual data! The modern data stack (MDS), data fabric, and data mesh are top of mind for leading professionals today. These trends share a common theme: decentralized architecture. But how does this impact the business?

Learn the answer from Karla Kirton, Data Architect at Blockdaemon and Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, who discusses these decentralization megatrends with an eye to business impact. Joined by Matt Turner, Director of Industry Strategy and Partner Marketing at Alation, they answer questions and share advice on how to retain control, security, and governance — while helping people find useful, trustworthy data and information faster.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • More about data decentralization and how this can help drive business impact

  • How you, like Blockdaemon, can create a decentralized utopia

  • How you can weave data governance principles into your data mesh, helping people find, trust and share data faster

  • Hear Karla and Nicola, who share lessons learned and best practices to help you on your data journey. 

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