Webinar On-Demand

Fifth Third's Journey to Data Mesh with Alation and Snowflake

Embark on a transformative journey with Fifth Third Bank as they redefine data strategy through innovative practices. In this on-demand session, Kayleigh Lavorini, Director of Product Ownership and Data Strategy at Fifth Third Bank, shares insights into their adoption of data mesh principles and the cultural shifts accompanying their data transformation.

Key Highlights:

  • Scaling Data Access and Usage: Discover how Fifth Third Bank leverages data mesh principles to scale data access and usage. Gain valuable insights into their approach to overcoming challenges and driving a successful digital transformation.

  • Lessons from Implementation: Kayleigh Lavorini provides firsthand insights into the lessons learned during the implementation of a data mesh. Explore practical strategies that can be applied to accelerate self-service and enhance data utilization within your organization.

  • Empowering Data Transformation: Join Matt Turner, Director of Partner and Industry Marketing at Alation, and Matthias Nicola, Principal Data Architect for Snowflake, as they discuss the collaborative efforts of Alation and Snowflake in powering data mesh. Uncover the synergies that drive effective data transformation.

Whether you're navigating cultural shifts or exploring data mesh principles, this session offers actionable insights to guide your organization towards a more empowered and data-driven future. Watch now to gain valuable perspectives from industry experts and practitioners.