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Business Glossary

Boost self-service analytics with an automated business glossary


Alation’s Business Glossary enables the creation of definitions, policies, rules, and KPIs through a rich, user-friendly interface. By leveraging machine learning, Alation’s Business Glossary automatically suggests business terms, identifies stewards and subject matter experts based on usage patterns, and incorporates crowdsourcing and collaboration to easily scale documentation.

Promote Data and Semantic Consistency with an Automated Business Glossary


Provide a comprehensive view of all business terms to establish a common semantic foundation, enabling the enterprise to drive accurate decision making.


Overcome the barriers to establishing a business glossary by automatically cataloging data, business terms, and the underlying data lineage to save time and reduce cost.


Empower analysts to easily find, understand, and analyze data by eliminating semantic inconsistency — reducing the risk of erroneous decision making.


Build confident data-driven decision-making by providing users with data transparency, traceability, and data quality and trust flags directly within their day-to-day workflows and activities.

Establish semantic consistency

Alation’s Business Glossary provides a single location for business semantics and corresponding data, lineage, and quality metrics, enabling cross-departmental access to business approved definitions. The rich user interface and collaborative features improves productivity and facilitates agile approval of business terms. Enterprises can import existing business glossaries directly into Alation.

Automatically map business terms

Alation’s data catalog automatically suggests new and popular business terms to incorporate into business glossaries. Machine learning auto titles technical metadata with logical business terms, accelerating the building and maintaining of business glossaries. Alation’s Analytics Stewardship application automatically identifies stewards and subject matter experts based on behavior insights, accelerating productivity.

Promote crowdsourcing and collaboration

Alation actively engages and incentivizes relevant stakeholders, like line-of-business stewards, subject matter experts, to define, document, and certify business assets. Crowdsourcing and collaboration via built-in capabilities such as conversations, inbox, trust flags and stewardship dashboards that track and measure curation progress, make knowledge capture and sharing intuitive.

We have over 300 metrics defined and standardized across the enterpise so everyone is able to define and measure success the same way.

Linora D’souza
Sr. Director, Data Governance, Hilton

The challenge isn't the data; the challenge is ensuring data has the right context. When it comes to insight, semantics is everything.

Forrester, “Reclaim Your Semantic Desert To Monetize Your Data”