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Collaborate to build faster, higher quality data solutions


DataOps is a methodology for building high quality data & analytics solutions more quickly and reliably. But first you’ll need great data. In fact, the success of a DataOps project depends on the speed at which quality input data can be found and used. Alation helps users not only find the right data, but also promotes vital cross-functional collaboration and automation to build fast, trustworthy data pipelines.

Key Benefits of Using Alation for DataOps

Alation Data Ops Benefit: data collaboration


Alation Data Ops Benefit: data trust


Alation Data Ops Benefit: Data automation


Alation Data Ops Benefit:Data Visualization Pipeline


Build Data & Analytics Products Faster and More Collaboratively

Foster Collaboration

Harness the wisdom of the crowd. For too long, data consumers and IT have worked in silos, their teamwork resembling little more than request-response arrangements, slowing growth and limiting agility. In truth, they should be partners in the journey to building data products & solutions.
With Alation, every individual contributes to the catalog and gleans insights from others. The wisdom of the crowd powers faster, higher quality data pipelines and solutions.

Alation Data Ops: Trusted Data Solutions

Build Trusted Data Solutions

Trusted data solutions start with trusted data. But knowing what data to trust is difficult, as data sprawl and data silos add to confusion. Alation powers intelligent search across virtually any data source and signals trustworthiness of data through quality flags, like endorsements and deprecations. Users are guided to the best data, making Alation the perfect foundation for a DataOps practice.

Automate Testing and Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring, most of today’s DataOps programs focus on the infrastructure. But what about monitoring the health of the data itself? With Alation subscriptions and open APIs, every DataOps stakeholder is kept informed about changes to data quality and is alerted when new, better data emerges. This ensures AI/ML models, and ultimately data products, are always trained with the latest and greatest.

Alation Data Ops: Automate Testing Monitoring
Alation Data Ops: Visualization of Data Pipeline

Visualize Data Pipelines

Automation is key to DataOps. Yet data consumers are still empowered to shop around for data, using visual cues as guidance. Analysts see where data comes from and how it changed with Alation’s end-to-end data lineage. Data profiling empowers analysts with metrics and statistics so they may easily discern the quality of any data object.

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