Establish Governance Framework

Monitor & Measure

  • Determine policy conformance
  • Create curation analysis
  • Measure usage & asset creation
  • Establish data quality

Drive Community Collaboration

  • Promote trusted data use
  • Leverage community knowledge
  • Determine whether data is fit for purpose / intended use

Apply Policies & Controls

  • Implement policies & controls
  • Enforce policies & controls

Populate Data Catalog

  • Ingest metadata (technical, business, lineage)
  • Analyze metadata (top users, popular data)

Empower Data Stewards

  • Recognize and assign stewards
  • Automate stewardship processes
  • Identify reviewers & workflow approvers

Curate Assets

  • Describe data, apply qualify flags
  • Surface descriptions, quality, etc. to users at point of data use