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Reducing the Costs of Cloud Migration and POPIA Compliance

Cloud migration and regulatory compliance are core pieces in any organization’s digital transformation strategy. Learn how world-leading organizations are using Alation to reduce the time and cost needed to migrate to the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) - all while supporting a data governance program that helps organizations prepare for POPIA, GDPR, and PII etc. 

To be successful, enterprises need both the right expertise to navigate the complexity of moving to the cloud and the right data catalog to support a successful cloud transition and data governance program. 

Hear BITanium, a leading South African consultancy, and Alation, the leading data catalog, discuss how organisations have reduced risk whilst increasing the value of their digital transformation, including: 

  • Faster time to the cloud -- drive higher adoption rates, fewer costs, and less complexity 
  • Increased regulatory compliance -- by implementing agile data governance 
  • Create a data culture -- with search & discovery, data literacy, and stewardship 

Watch this webinar on reducing cloud migration cost and associated risks.