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“Alation’s deep data governance integration with Snowflake and self- service analytics capabilities, make it fast and easy to use and govern critical data stored in the Snowflake Data Cloud.” -Sunny Bedi, CIO & CDO, Snowflake

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“We are delighted to help customers drive better insights and accelerate data intelligence leveraging Alation and AWS.” -Ken Chestnut, Global Segment Lead, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

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Databricks helps organizations make all their data ready for analytics, empower data-driven decisions across the organization, and rapidly adopt machine learning to outpace the competition.

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"Alation Data Catalog with Tableau allows customers to quickly discover relevant, governed data to uncover insights and make an impact on decision-making.” -Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances, Tableau

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Fivetran creates reliable, easy to use data pipelines that get data from source to destination with reliability and accuracy. With the Fivetran metadata API, pipeline data - how data goes from source to destinations, can now be visible in Alation.

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"3Cloud is a top Microsoft services partner focused 100% on the Azure platform. We help clients build, modernize, and manage their data platform and analytics in the cloud." -Bill Martin, Principal Data Strategist

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Acceldata is the world's first enterprise Data Observability Cloud to help enterprises transform their data systems from unreliable, hard-to-scale, and expensive to stable, agile, and cost-efficient.

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"Ahead helps customers advance their data and analytics capabilities, which includes governance and data cataloging. Alation is the best platform to support these efforts."

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"We believe that the Alation data catalog is a key enabler of digital transformation across all industries." -Angelina Gurkina, CEO

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Anomalo provides automated AI to detect data quality issues and understand their root causes before anyone else. Customers can get ahead of data issues by automatically detecting them as soon as they appear. Anomalo can detect, root cause, and resolve issues quickly — allowing businesses to feel confident in their data.

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"Aptitive empowers our clients to access, analyze, and act on their data. Partnering with Alation allows us to help clients discover the assets they need to make business decisions." -Fred Bliss, CTO

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"AtScale semantic layer integrated with Alation’s Data Catalog lets organizations build more intelligent data fabrics that support self service analytics." -Dave Mariani, Founder and CTO

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