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Partner Program for Alation Open Connector Framework

Join Alation to broaden connectivity options for our Data Intelligence Platform

Make more data sources available in the data catalog.

The Partner Program for Open Connector Framework will extend connectivity with development partners and provide a winning strategy for every customer of Alation. In tandem with our continual expansion of 100+ connectors, this program will empower developers to extend connectors even further, furnishing customers with a single-pane-of-glass view into the most valuable information in their ecosystem.

Learn more about this program and how it supports our customers today.

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Broaden Connectivity

The Partner Program for Open Connector Framework creates opportunities for Alation partners to add new data sources into Alation.

This program will:

  • Help customers better navigate their data landscape with metadata from more sources
  • Provide a view across increasingly complex data tools and sources in the modern data stack
  • Ensure the consistency and quality of connectors with certification and support

Partners in the program will use the Alation Open Connector Framework, an Alation supported Java SDK, to build and maintain/support certified connectors and extend Alation’s connectivity to new data sources.

Join the Partner Program for Open Connector Framework

Qualified development partners focused on solutions and connectors in the data space are welcome to join our program. We work with you to help ensure no piece of the puzzle is missing for finding, understanding, and governing data across an enterprise. The program includes:

  • Support for partners as they create connectors
  • Certification and testing to ensure high quality connectors
  • Opportunity to work directly with customers

To join the program, click here

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The inventory of an organization’s data assets is greatly diverse. The amount of data produced from many different data sources cultivates an organization’s need to connect and integrate to the deepest and broadest data ecosystems. Our partnership with Alation, and their broad and growing partner network, enables joint customers to access critical context about governed data from many data sources through a single pane of glass.

Krishna Kodeboyena
President, Logan Data


What is the Open Connector Framework (OCF)?

This is the underpinning Java SDK for Alation’s data catalog. It enables customers to create connectors for any system not supported by Alation. With this SDK, developers can easily build new connectors that leverage metadata and lineage. Developers can package their connectors as containers, enabling them to scale, or share their connectors for others to use.

What is the purpose of the Partner Program for the Open Connector Framework?

For customers: Metadata from external sources offers critical context for data catalog users. As our customer base grows, so too does the diversity of data sources they need to connect to the data catalog. With this program, we make it easier for customers to quickly and consistently integrate these sources – so they may use data with total confidence. If you are an Alation customer, or interested in learning more about our data intelligence platform please reach out to our sales team to find out how this program will benefit your organization.

For implementation partners: We're seeking development partners to help make customers' connectivity efforts successful. These best-in-breed experts will help to meet unique client needs for their data catalog.
This is part of a long-term strategy to build and certify connectors with open development, allowing for deeper, broader connectivity between Alation and a growing list of services and sources in the marketplace. It will also help us to continuously improve the quality of connectivity and support that our customers have come to expect.

Why should I as a partner join this Open Connector Framework Program?

We work directly with you to certify and support development of open connectors. In addition, this program will help implementation partners accelerate data intelligence projects and gain valuable experience key to specific client projects now or in the future. Finally, it opens an avenue of communication unique to Alation, helping you to support connection to your client’s entire data estate, empowering your clients to find, understand, and trust their data to meet business objectives.