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How Nielsen is Becoming Predictive with the Help of an Enterprise Data Catalog

The world's leading measurement firm creates models more efficiently with easier access to data and context 

Nielsen is an information, data, and measurement firm that operates in more than 100 countries that provides data and insights to nearly every retailer and consumer packaged goods company in the world. Now, Nielsen is undergoing a reinvention, leaning more into data, and expanding its offering to include predictive analytics. But change isn’t easy. Nielsen must gain a better understanding of radically inconsistent data and unpack, deeply siloed tribal knowledge.  

To help with the reinvention, Nielsen is leveraging the Alation Data Catalog. Alation helps Nielsen’s data scientists and statisticians create new models more efficiently, access data more easily, and better understand data, its source, and what data is right for the analysis at hand. 

Watch Andy Carrington, product leader for Nielsen's global Data Science platform, and Alation’s Chief Data Officer Aaron Kalb to learn how the Alation Data Catalog is helping Nielsen reinvent itself, including a new offering that puts the data and models into the hands of customers. 

Watch the webinar to learn how the Alation Data Catalog: 

  • Makes modeling more efficient for data scientists and statisticians
  • Ensures that data is understood and leveraged correctly for more accurate results
  • Making it possible to deliver a new offering to sophisticated customers

Watch this educational webinar replay to learn all about how Nielsen is becoming predictive using the Alation Data Catalog.