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Avista: Treating Data Like An Asset

Going beyond what is expected of data to deliver greater value.

Avista provides electric and natural gas service to customers across 30,000 square miles in eastern Washington, northern Idaho, parts of southern and eastern parts of Oregon, and Juneau, Alaska. Customer data allows Avista to deliver electricity and gas — the core business. But now, Avista is seeking to go beyond and deliver greater value by treating data like an asset.  

To uncover the greater value in its data, Avista has set the goal of curating 100% of its data, including customer, financial, geospatial, and energy training and risk management data. To do so, Avista is leveraging the Alation Data Catalog to provide a single-source of reference for all of its data and knowledge on that data.  

See Pat Dever, Chief Data Strategist at Avista, discuss how Avista is changing its culture to treat data as an asset in a highly regulated industry. And, learn more about how the Alation Data Catalog supports agile stewardship.

Watch the webinar to learn how to build a data culture to drive greater value from data.