How Alation is Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

By Satyen Sangani

Published on March 16, 2022

The Ukrainian flag

Nothing could have prepared us for the war that has come to Europe. The peace we’ve taken for granted since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been shattered. In just 12 days, 2 million Ukrainians have fled their homeland under attack; half of them are children… Millions more are planning their escape. Innocent people are dying. And any hope of a resolution or compromise, for now, seems nonexistent.

Like you, I’ve watched in horror as this humanitarian crisis has unfolded. Like you, I’ve felt disgust and anger at the magnitude of this act of war, the largest of its kind since World War II. And like you, I’ve been inspired by the heroism of Ukrainians defending their home and each other.

How We’re Responding

How do we respond? There is no playbook on how to navigate this chaos. We at Alation are devastated by the cruelty and atrocities. But we’re also inspired to do our part, however small, to support the Ukrainians while preventing Russia from continuing down this path.

At Alation:

  • We are not pursuing business opportunities with Russian organizations

  • We are matching donations from Alationauts to Ukrainian relief organizations

We recognize these sanctions will affect individuals that are innocent in this conflict: Russians who neither want war nor support this senseless invasion. Alation users love data and science as much as we do; however, taking this stand is an unfortunate price we all must pay in pursuit of a larger goal.

Organizations wield considerable power — and bear heavy responsibility — in all countries, Russia included. We can no longer in good conscience support any organization with ties to a nation engaging in acts of violence and aggression.

We seek to empower a curious and rational world for the betterment of all humankind, and for the good of humanity as a whole. It is in this spirit that we undertake the aforementioned actions. It is in this spirit that we continue to pursue ways to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Help Ukraine

Help Ukraine. We are supporting Ukrainian relief organizations and matching donations from Alationauts. Below is a list of approved organizations that you can donate to today.

🇺🇦 Save Life – Ukraine🇺🇦 UN Crisis Relief – Ukraine Humanitarian Fund🇺🇦 International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC – Ukraine🇺🇦 Save the Children International – Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund🇺🇦 International Rescue Committee – Crisis in Ukraine

  • How We’re Responding
  • Help Ukraine
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